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Dear Member,

Below is some information regarding the recent Heartbleed Bug that has been in the news lately and some advice on how to protect your personal computer equipment and information.

Please note that NAFT Federal Credit Union has confirmed that our systems as well as those of our major service providers have not, nor will be affected by the "Heartbleed Bug".

Here are three things you can do to reduce the threat according to the Associated Press:

--Change your passwords. This isn't a full-proof solution. It'll only help if the website in question has put in place required security patches. You also might want to wait a week and then change them again.

-- Worried about the websites you're surfing? There's a free add-on for the Firefox browser to check a site's vulnerability and provide color-codes flags. Green means go and red means stop. You can download it by accessing: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/heartbleed-checker/

-- Check the website of the company that made your home router to see if it has announced any problems. Also be diligent about downloading and installing and software updates you may receive.

For more information log on to www.heartbleed.com or use your favorite search engine and search "heartbleed bug".



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